Reflecting on the current state of the UK property market

Jamie Johnson, CEO and Co-founder of FJP Investment, takes a look at what has happened to the UK property market since the EU Referendum and what the next twelve months may hold.

It’s hard to believe that almost three full years have elapsed since the 2016 EU referendum. Yet the Government’s slow progress towards reaching a Brexit deal that appeals to both remainers and leavers means there is still a lot of work to be done before the terms on which the UK will withdraw from Europe are realised.

Until a clear agreement is reached, Brexit will continue to dominate the headlines. And the current political climate has certainly left room to speculate about what the future will hold for the UK economy, including many of its leading industries and financial markets.

Naturally, the UK property market has faced intense scrutiny in the lead-up to Brexit, as buyers and sellers look for indicators of how real estate will hold up as an asset class. Luckily, the picture looks promising for those considering bricks and mortar for secure, long-term returns.

For one, house prices have remained resilient despite many doom and gloom predictions following the vote in June 2016. At the same time, there has been continuing investment into an array of new-build developments up and down the country in an effort to meet outpacing market demand for property.

It is inherently difficult to predict how the property market will adjust to Brexit given we still don’t know when or how this will transpire. Yet at this critical juncture, there is good reason to believe that real estate will remain a leading asset for domestic and international investors.

House prices have risen – for the most part

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