Property Investment Consultancy

Property Investment Consultancy

As a Property Investment Consultancy we are Entrepreneurs and Investors.
We understand clients requirements and needs. Amongst Investors we have and are earning a growing reputation as the consultancy that is adept at sourcing the top investment properties that return stable and attractive incomes and growth. We help assist and direct investors into safe, secure and good yielding investments. But importantly we drill down into all investment opportunity, track record, directors, pasts performance, P&L’s and related IM’s.
And exit strategy. That is key. Investors need to understand how they their capital is returned and in our mind, whether you invest in growth or income, 5 years is that key.
Just because a developer at their option says we will buy back your asset in 5 years with a bonus, doesn’t mean they can. Hence we look into the company and their ability to honour their contractual obligation.

Of course we have range of fixed term, fixed returns products on this web site. .

Currently we act for a diverse client base from institutional clients, property companies, private clients, developers and overseas investors. our extensive experience in property  investment allows us to offer our expert advice across the main elements of the investment market, either regional of national. All our advice is fine tuned to the client’s individual requirements.

In this a constantly flowing environment we provide help and assistance based on our understanding of the property market along with our microscopic attention to detail and a proven ability to complete. We are the only Property Investment Consultancy that you will ever need.
Call us or email, we are here to help.
Stuart Gibbons
Managing Director

Property Investment Consultancy

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