The Impact Investment Case

Sustainable Development
demand for funding for companies which are focused on generating income from high impact, ethical assets. Sustainable Development Goals provide a focus for portfolio selection.
the shortage of institutional capital for mid size projects creates an above average return for high impact projects. The portfolio will seek out opportunities to deliver a greenium to investors
which is both attractive and sustainably inflation proof.
Impact Investing
uses the latest evolution of a well-established investment methodology by which investment banks, for more than 20 years, have preserved the wealth of their largest institutional,
ultra-high net worth and family office investors.

Sustainable Income

This open-ended, actively management portfolio is ideal for low risk investors as well as charities and trusts, who require a certain yield (target of currently 5.5% per annum). Sustainable focus on long term income generating assets to provide a stable, low volatility portfolio with yields suited for investors who want a sustainable source of income and want to make sure the funds are used to develop the long term needs of society. UCITS funds encompasses the highest standards of fund Governance; diversification, liquidity and portfolio monitoring

Orestes Climate Change Bonds

Regulated Green Fund. Listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Our Current Target Sectors

Farming 4.0 and Food Security

Agtech companies which are disrupting the industry by fusing solutions found in hydroponic greenhouses with high precision farming tech; resulting in energy and water neutral operations.

Green Mining and EV

Awareness of the impact of mining in traditional countries means that the production of raw materials for EVs and other low power consumption products can be done in a sustainable and ethical way. Highly aligned to a number of UN Sustainable Development Goals, even in developed markets, green mining companies can make a considerable impact.


Sourcing geothermal energy brings together the best in class knowledge of drilling, geothermal and technical experience. Geothermal embraces the urgent need for energy transition and the carbon reduction targets set out by the EU and other countries.

Energy Storage

The need to efficient energy capture includes Zero Emission Clean Energy Thermal Technologies. Companies focussed on value and the global transition to clean, affordable energy technologies allow businesses and societies the opportunity to launch new zero CO2 emission initiatives, whilst offering low-cost clean power generation and long duration energy storage to support the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources.

Focused and Dynamic Portfolio, Invested in Sustainable Companies to Deliver Better Returns

We believe there is a strong link between sustainable development, innovation and above average long-term growth. We look to invest in companies that have a positive impact on the environment and society, while staying on the right side of disruption. This approach should help us continue to avoid large losses. We seek to invest in companies that are providing solutions to environmental and social challenges and are creating wealth and meeting societal needs without damaging our future.
Our investment approach is rooted in fundamental analysis and relative value with catalysts.
Positive impact themes (like: efficiency, cleaner energy, water management, environmental services, low carbon, sustainable transport & property, safety, quality of life, knowledge and technology and health) drives investment opportunities. We believe that the best way to compound capital over time is to consistently take advantage of asymmetry when it appears and avoid large losses.

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