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Liv Lodges

Join the staycation revolution by purchasing your very own income investment lodge

Investment Highlights

  • Priced From £109,900
  • 8% ROI Assured For 10 Years
  • 50% finance Available
  • Tax breaks
  • Fully managed
  • No stamp duty
  • Two weeks PA personal usage
  • Mortgages available
  • No running costs


  • Developer buy back options at years 5, 7 & 10

A Unique Investment Opportunity

Liv Lodge Retreats have from day one been designed with the customer experience in mind. We are not trying to retro fit our retreats and lodges to make them relevant again. We have literally ripped up the rulebook, wiped the slate clean and reinvented the luxury lodge experience. Join the staycation revolution by purchasing your very own income investment lodge.

The UK holiday and leisure sector is a fast-growing and established industry for investors. With low competition and high returns, you can gain access to a lucrative market that is experiencing sustained growth. Liv Lodges simplifies the investment process by offering hands-free investment opportunities and competitive annual returns. CabinBookers UK has stated that, “90% of UK holidaymakers are planning to take a domestic holiday once travel restrictions are lifted.” With the current state of global markets such as the impact of COVID-19, Brexit, economic recession, and limitations on international travel the UK tourism industry expects a boom in domestic travel unlike any other in history. Local holiday providers are recording as much as 1 booking every 11 seconds, as local travel restrictions are being lifted. With reduced holiday budgets and global uncertainty travellers are fuelling the demand for UK getaways. An important note to mention is that UK holidaymakers account for 81% of all domestic travel (much higher than neighbouring countries). UK booking statistics show that local travel sites are seeing as much as a 455% increase in bookings in comparison to 2019. Adding to this, holidaymaker statistics tell us that 82% travel to escape the rush of commercial life, 80% of domestic travellers aim to spend more time with family or children, and 58% travel for business. Liv Lodges – Applegrove has been designed specifically for families, couples, and even businesses to rest and relax during their stay. Our lodges are prepared to meet the need of staycations as each individual lodge is made to the highest residential standards. With increasing demand, we envisage that investment opportunity in Liv Lodges — Applegrove will not be available for long.

Liv Lodges

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