Issuer – Linc Drinks Limited
Target investment size – £3,500,000
Interest payment – Annually
Minimum subscription – £5,000 first transaction, thereafter in £1,000 increments
Capital value per bond – £1
Interest schedule – 10% at the end of the term
Governing law – England and Wales
Exceptions – Not available to US citizens
Denomination – GBP
Type – 1 Year fixed income convertible loan note 2024

Linc Drinks is far more than a drinks distributor, our Unique Selling Point (USP) is the ability to craft personalised brands of the highest quality.
Well-developed plans to open its own bottling plant.
Well positioned for impressive growth in the international spirits market.

Linc Drinks looks set to be the natural choice for those seeking personalised high-quality drinks brands
Dedicated to the art of crafting premium beverages and ensuring that each product meets the highest standards
Proven expertise in elevating the customer’s brand with a host of personalisation options
Combining bespoke labels and unique bottle designs to transform a vision into a distinctive reality
Delivered with exceptional focus on value by offering competitive pricing, but also ensuring quality without compromise

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