Imperial Corporate Capital

Investment Highlights

☑️ Award Winning Property Developer

☑️ 15% Fixed Returns

☑️ 18 Month Loan Note

☑️ £10,000 Min Entry

☑️ £3.6m Raise

☑️ Asset Backed

☑️ First Charge

☑️ Floating Debenture

☑️ Proven Track Record

☑️ FCA Regulated Trustee

☑️ Simple Application Process

The Imperial Corporate Capital Group

Imperial Corporate Capital PLC (ICC) is a London based property development company, specialising in residential property and planning gain in the Greater London area.

Our team has a wealth of experience in delivering over 30% annual returns through two main strategies, the first of which being our “plan and gain model”. Put simply, we buy real estate or land, then gain planning approval for greater use of the space to unlock its full value potential.
Our second strategy is what we do day to day, we look to purchase undervalued residential properties, large houses that can be converted into flats, under modernised properties that
we can renovate to a higher spec, commercial property that we can convert under permitted development rights and houses we can extend. These are all quick sites that we can turn around within 6 months.
The Company is now in its second capital raise around the Crossrail areas, following the successful close of The London Delta Limited Partnership.
ICC currently have a balance sheet of £45,000,000 that was audited by RPG Crouch Chapman LLP.

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