Property Investment Bond

Who Are Imperial Corporate Capital Group PLC?

Imperial Corporate Capital PLC (ICC) is a London-based property investment company, specialising in the acquisition of properties in the Greater London area.

ICC PLC has a wealth of experience in delivering development sites. They aim to target a 30% return on any development they take on under their “plan and gain model”. Put simply, they buy real estate or land, then gain planning approval for greater use of the space to unlock its full value potential.

All acquired properties will be sold to private buyers to realise maximum returns. The disposal of properties will be applied to meet the payments due to clients on their investment, to make further investment in accordance with the Company’s investment strategy, and to repay the principal amounts invested by the bond holders.

The Company intends to sell all properties acquired to private buyers to realise maximum returns. Properties will be sold as soon as practical in order to reinvest further and to repay the principal amount of the bond to investors with the applicable interest.

The Opportunity

Imperial Corporate Capital PLC are looking to raise GBP 50 million via their listing

Return: 7% per annum payable annually in arrears on 30th January (full allocation discount available)

Maturity Date: 31st January 2026

• Subscription: GBP 100,000 per investor

Listing & Admission: Vienna Stock Exchange

• Purpose of Investment: All NET proceeds of the issue of the bonds will be used for property development in the greater London area

This Product is only available to –

a) professional clients and eligible counterparties as defined in COBS;
b) to the extent that the recipient is a retail client, only clients within the following categories:
1. certified high net worth investors (as per COBS 4.12.6R);
2. certified sophisticated investors (as per COBS 4.12.7R); and
3. self-certified sophisticated investors (as per COBS 4.12.8R).

See Our Self Certification Page Here

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