Short Term Investment Opportunity

Loan note term of two and four years with income and deferred interest options

 Minimum investment of £5,000

 Interest earned will be 11% or 13% per annum gross dependent on type of loan note chosen

 A bonus on the two and four year deferred products is available

 Secured by preference shares

 Security Trustee appointed to represent the interests of the loan note holders

Loan Note with Security Trustee.

2 Years Income 11% per annum paid annually

4 Years income 13% per annum paid annually

2 years growth 26% ROI – 13% annually.

4 years growth 67% ROI – 16.75% annually 

Excellent property development company. Established in 2003.

With Starbucks, McDonalds, Lidl & KFC as commercial clients.

With ownership of land with planning for residential & commercial projects. GDV £300,000,000

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