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Godwin Group, a UK focused regional property development and investment business, is a well regarding name in the Midlands property market. Over the years Godwin Group has built an excellent reputation for professionalism, quality and delivery. The group operates from a Head Office in Birmingham with offices in Nottingham and London. Within the group sits Godwin Capital, the fundraising and investment arm, and Godwin Developments, the UK property arm.
Godwin’s strategy is to build and monetise an extensive and diversified portfolio of residential, commercial and mixed-use freehold property assets, primarily through investment in sites to develop out with the option to sell or hold for income.
The business invests in a balanced portfolio of lower and higher yielding investments with a mix of short, medium and longer term maturity to optimise the value and timing of returns and cash flows. The investment programme maintains an appropriate balance between risk and return.
This website provides outline information only on investment opportunities involving the subscription for loan notes. Further information is provided in the Information Memorandum.
Prospective investors should carefully read the Information Memorandum in full and carry out their own due diligence on the investment opportunity before making a decision to invest.

Incorporated and registered in England and Wales with Company Number 12268652

1. The 2 Year Biannual Income Product – 10% fixed rate loan notes 2019 with simple annual interest payable in arrears biannually; and
2. The 2 Year Deferred Income Product – 12% fixed rate loan notes 2019 with simple annual interest to accrue annually and is payable on the Final Redemption Date.

This Product is only available to –

a) professional clients and eligible counterparties as defined in COBS;
b) to the extent that the recipient is a retail client, only clients within the following categories:
1. certified high net worth investors (as per COBS 4.12.6R);
2. certified sophisticated investors (as per COBS 4.12.7R); and
3. self-certified sophisticated investors (as per COBS 4.12.8R).

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Key feature of the investment:
• Fixed Annual Returns
• Biannual or Deferred Payment Options
• Secured by a first legal charge and debenture
• Fixed terms
• Cash, entity or pension investments
• UK based property developer
Godwin Developments focuses on residential and commercial property development opportunities within an area mainly bordered by the key cities of Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol and Cambridge, so encompassing the largest population centres in the Midlands.
In the residential sector, Godwin Developments has a particular focus on opportunities in:
• Private Rental Sector (PRS)
• Private Housing
• Housing Associations
• Local Council and Quasi-Government Bodies
• Office Conversions
• Student Accommodation
In the commercial property sector, the focus is on opportunities in:
• Retail
• Industrial
• Local Neighbourhood Centres

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