Crossrail House Prices

In less than 3 years the first of the Crossrail trains will travel the central section of the Queen Elizabeth Line (‘the Lizard’), and in less than four years the full Crossrail service will become operational. The project is now heading towards completion with these dates firmly on the horizon. Coming clearly into view is the upcoming acceleration in house prices along the route.

Recent and updated research has confirmed that property prices along the Crossrail development are 16pc higher than the Greater London average and 7pc higher than property located by a station which is not connected to the new high speed service, which will run from Reading to Shenfield and cut journey times into London hubs such as Cannary Wharf, Paddington and Bond Street.

There are many forecasts looking at house prices along the line. Predictions for house price and rentals have grown almost as fast as the work has been commenced and over the next four years in areas near Crossrail stations the growth is expected to boom.. The new forecasts suggest that homeowners in Woolwich will be the greatest beneficiaries of the infrastructure project with an average house price growth of 39.2% from 2015 – 2020. West Drayton, Whitechapel, Slough, Abbey Wood and Iver are all set to see prices rise by at least 33pc over the period 2015 – 2020. Many locations are already benefiting from higher property values, and new development and regeneration is taking place, buying activity is expected to step up another gear in the run up to the line’s opening.

Crossrail expected route 2019


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