Buy to let is a popular type of Investment for those that would prefer to grow their Wealth through property rather than gambling on the stock market. It has come under the fire in recent months but many still see property as an attractive investment at a time of low interest rates and volatile stock markets. Many also see traditional bricks and mortar as safe.

If you are considering investing in a buy-to-let property – or maybe even improving the returns on your own property it is important to seek advice – we can help there.

Buy-to-let has undergone a dramatic recovery in recent times. It is seen as a major income investment especially for people with enough available capital to raise a big deposit. Buy-to-let looks attractive, especially compared to low bank savings rates and potential extreme stock market swings. The improvement in the property market has encouraged more investors to buy all kinds of property in anticipation of its value rising.

But beware low mortgage rates. One day surely they must rise and this is when you must know if your investment can stand the test of time


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