Investment Highlights

  • Retail bond 
  • Strongest structure possible for a debt instrument
  • Fully asset-backed
  • Secured against UK assets
  • Listed on a main market Stock Exchange
  • Full Prospectus approved by Central Bank of Ireland
  • Bond, SIPP, SASS, Pension Approved
  • Part of a £500,000,000 Listed Bond
  • Minimum £5,000

Bond, SIPP, SASS, Pension Approved

The Company is a UK PLC looking to cover some of the £22billion shortfall in business lending in 2017 (National Audit Office), by structuring a £500,000,000 debt program to provide liquidity to the UK property and SME business marketplace. Our lending policies are robust, and include a committee which review loan applications, and the assets that are offered as security. The committee have over 100 years experience in Banking and Asset-Backed Lending.

The Chairman of the bond credit committee is a member of the UK Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) Panel and founder of the UK’s Association of Short Term Lenders (ASTL). Other bond committee members include the previous MD for Scotland and Ireland, Anglo Irish Bank who was responsible for a £28billion debt portfolio, and the head of Commercial and Corporate Buying for the Bank of Ireland.

Our new customer promotion offers a fixed rate interest of 7.5% – 8.24% paid to you every 6 months and fixed for 3 years.
Should you wish to transfer your existing ISA to the The Company ISA you will also need to complete the transfer application form .

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