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Millbak Ltd

We have been serving the Investment business primarily as agents for the last 14 years.

We provide sustainable UK, European and Worldwide property investment opportunities.

This allows investors both cash and pension fund holders to invest in one of our property investment opportunities. Why would they do this? Bank interest is circa 5% (08/23) per annum – our developments produce average of 10% pa over 50% ROI. Do remember that the Investment can go down in value as well as up.

Result – a better retirement income and for cash investors far better returns than building societies or banks.

All transactions are conducted through UK lawyers. Leases and Loan Notes are issued to investors and buy back agreements form part of the legal sales contract.

Cash investors can invest from £10,000 with an average return  of 10% pa. 50% ROI.

*We can only deal with self certified High Net Worth Investors or Self Certified Sophisticated Investors.*

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