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Property Investment Consultancy

As a Property Investment Consultancy Millbak are Entrepreneurs and Investors.
We understand clients’ requirements and needs.
We help assist and direct investors into safe, secure and good yielding investments. Importantly we drill down into all investment opportunities, track records, directors, their pasts and performance, P&L’s and related IM’s,
and of course the exit strategy, that is key. Investors need to understand how  their capital is returned and we think that whether you invest in growth or income, 5 year term is that key.

Project Funding

When you have a background in investing and developing you can have a productive conversation on Project Funding. We have built care homes, student accommodation and hotels. So we deal in senior debt, funded through conventional lenders at around 70% LTV, plus we can bring in funding via our high net worth clients and ourselves. Given the appropriate development we can also look to arrange that UK pension fund holders can invest into your project. Contact us to discuss this further.

Millbak Safe and Secure

Safe and secure. Global Economies are under pressure and overseas investments are a slightly more volatile opportunity to the UK investor in the current market. These markets will eventually recover, however the lack of clarity and uncertainty for the typical UK investor in the current climate is evident.

SIPP Compliant

Millbak’s provision of prime UK SIPP compliant stock not only permits an investor to see exactly where funds are being utilised but also offers transparency by way of title searches and any due diligence clients may wish to pursue at all times dealing with UK lawyers and advisers. Millbak products install confidence in the ability to be able to blend existing portfolios and secure their future pension funds with investments that are executed with some of the largest most experienced professionals within their field. In addition, they are validated by market leaders in property based investments. Our mission statement of ‘Safe & Secure’ underpins our commitment to the investor.

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